Design Brief

“WOOOENG” is a mobile puzzle game that delivers a fun and interesting way to control your device. It consists of seven mini-games that players need to clear their objectives. As such, the mini-games are using the accelerometer sensors in the mobile device, and players must shaking or tilting the device to play the games.

Game download (Andriod)

Timeline & My Role

Development Time 

| 4 months

School Project 

Game Design Level Design


| UI Design


| Andriod


| Unity | C#


Why design? 

 Since the advent of technologies like virtual reality and motion detection has forever changed the way we game. But smart-phone has delivered more capabilities than most of us realize. Therefore, I want to innovate the new possibility of a unique mobile game-play experience.



01. Game Design Concept

Through my researches, I learned that there are different sensors in the Android mobile device. I discovered the use of an accelerometer sensor that already embedded in the device could be used in the game.

In this concept, I want to allow a great gameplay opportunity: the possibility to make a simple puzzle game and have many mini-games for players to complete from start to finish, using two main hand gestures (Tilting, Shaking). This project was also an opportunity to experiment with how to create an addictive idle game.




02. Design a Tangible embodied interaction experience for idle gamers.

One of my biggest challenges during the design process was thinking about what is the capability on the mobile device and designing simplicity and addictive gameplay to idle gamers.

The core mechanics in this game design, are given a collection of “mini-games”, or small tasks that can be completed a short amount of time. 

03. Paper Prototype & User Flow

In the first step of visualizing how the gameplay works in my game design concepts, I made a simple paper prototype for users to test. A user can pretend to hold the paper frame as a smartphone, and the pages are the interface of the screen.

Some key finding through user testing:

  • Too much text on the screen, let the visual tells what happened on the screenplay.
  • In order to clarify the instruction I give to the user, it is better to use strong illustration/animation, to clarify the action I am trying to accomplish.

IMG_20190213_115545 copy
Web 1920 – 46


Challenges: Unity Engine

In this project, I use the Unity Engine as my software to build this mobile game. That was because Unity support 2D and 3D platform game developer, it provides communities for asking questions, quality content, and resources. As a beginner using Unity, it is friendly to use because it allows for tons of online tutorials and videos on Youtube to watch. Unity uses coding scripts ( C# and JavaScript programming language) to make games, although I may not be the best coder, so people like me could find support for the non-coder program in the asset store.

There are few ways to input acceleration in C# it depends on what kind of controls on your game. But basically, you inputted the X and Y and multiplied by the moving speed on your character.

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Gameplay – Shaking / Tilting