• Tisdall Living

A modern and flexible website crafted for a pre-sale condo based in Vancouver.


Tisdall Living, an emerging European-inspired residential project from Ning Hua Properties, is situated in Vancouver's West Side Oakridge neighborhood. The project's goal is to instill a sense of luxury, catering to a variety of lifestyle preferences.



2023, 4 weeks

The User

Homebuyers / foreign buyer and real estate professionals actively seeking condominiums in the Vancouver area.

My role and who I work with

Web designer collaborating with a client and project manager

Tool Used

Figma (desktop, tablet, mobile), Joomla, Front-end (html, css, js), Trello


To develop a modern and elegant website for a development company. The site should feature a minimalist design with high-quality photos and a prominent Call to Action (CTA) that encourages homebuyers, foreign buyers, and real estate agents to provide their details if they are interested in the pre-sale condominium homes.


We chose top-quality client photos and used a mix of typography styles and scrolling animations for a luxurious feel in Tisdall Living's multilingual website design. Our focus was on enhancing customer engagement and boosting conversion rates by adding clear call-to-action buttons on every page, making it easier for interested buyers to share their contact information swiftly.

Impact and results

Our UX/UI design solutions had a significant impact on Tisall Living's website performance, resulting in a 50% surge in traffic, a 30% rise in conversion rates. These improvements enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, ultimately driving higher sales and revenue.


Research • Ideate

To address these challenges, our team conducted a thorough analysis of Tisdall Living's marketing team and potential competitors, examining customer feedback, data, pain points, and improvement opportunities. We also reviewed the website's design elements, ensuring alignment with the company's brand and values.


Design • Focus on...

After conducting research and analysis, we crafted a UX/UI design solution for Tisdall Living's website. Our focus was on strategically positioning clear calls to action to enhance customer engagement and conversions. Additionally, we carefully selected high-quality images to showcase the highlights of the pre-sale condo.



Insights • Key Learnings

Luxury and elegance are conveyed through the use of high-quality imagery

Clients frequently request a luxurious and elegant tone for their website designs. One crucial aspect is incorporating high-resolution, high-quality photos. These images are vital for grabbing attention, evoking emotions, and building credibility, effectively conveying the brand's narrative and captivating the audience.


If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .

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