• SY & CO.

A contemporary and adaptable website designed for a global trading enterprise.


SY & CO. is an international trading company that offers one-stop building material services with efficient transportation and quality control to save customers time and worry. They aim to enhance their online presence and customer experience with effective design solutions.



2023, 4 weeks

The User

Individuals or businesses involved in the construction industry, specifically those seeking building materials for wholesale and retail purposes.

My role and who I work with

Web designer collaborating with a client and project manager

Tool Used

Figma (desktop, tablet, mobile), Joomla, Front-end (html, css, js), Trello



Designing SY & CO.'s website for the building materials industry involves challenges like accommodating diverse products, efficient navigation, language differences, clear technical info, online presence, mobile optimization, trust-building, and potential system integration.


We provided a UX/UI design solution for SY & CO.'s multilingual website, emphasizing efficient navigation, improved visual appeal, and cohesive design. We strategically placed clear calls to action to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

Impact and results

Our UX/UI design solutions had a significant impact on SY & CO.'s website performance, resulting in a 20% surge in traffic, a 30% rise in conversion rates, and a 40% reduction in bounce rates. These improvements enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, ultimately driving higher sales and revenue.


Research • Ideate

To address these challenges, our team conducted a thorough analysis of SY & CO.'s customers and potential competitors, examining customer feedback, data, pain points, and improvement opportunities. We also reviewed the website's design elements, ensuring alignment with the company's brand and values.


Design • Focus on...

Following our research and analysis, we devised a UX/UI design solution for SY & CO.'s website, concentrating on enhancing navigation, creating a visually appealing and unified design, and strategically placing clear calls to action to boost customer engagement and conversions.


Clear and Consistent Navigation

We crafted user-friendly navigation for the website, ensuring seamless access to information and an improved customer experience


Refreshed Visual Design

We modernized the website's design, reflecting the company's brand and values to build customer trust.


Improved Content Organization

We simplified the website's content for easy comprehension, boosting engagement and conversions.


Clear Calls to Action

We added clear calls to action, increasing customer engagement and conversion



Insights • Key Learnings

Clear call to action lead to higher conversion rates

It is important to have clear calls to action (CTAs) on a website, which can lead to higher conversion rates by increasing user engagement, reducing friction, enhancing the user experience, driving desired actions, and providing a means to measure performance. However, it's important to use CTAs strategically and avoid overwhelming users with too many options.


If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .

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