• Luv2 Think Store

An eCommerce website sells featured artist's merchandise to support future events of the ACSEA organization. 


Over three months, I worked with a team of professionals to create an E-commerce website called Luv2 Think Store. The website was designed to promote art appreciation and enjoyment, and it offers a range of high-quality merchandise and books that reflect the key assets of the art and culture of Asian-Canadian Special Events Association.



2022, 3 month

The User

Event visitors are interested in buying more artwork from local asian artists.

My role and who I work with

UX/UI designer collaborating with a Art Director and Web developers

Tool Used

Wordpress: WooCommerce, Figma (desktop, tablet, mobile), Meta Workplace


My primary challenges were figuring out how to sell our merchandise both at the event and online to attract more supporters for Taiwanfest and Lunarfest, while also making our e-commerce platform stand out online.


I identified the essential needs of an e-commerce site, testing functionalities before the website went live for online customers. Additionally, I applied creativity through unique illustrations

Impact and results

As the online store newly opened, we attracted over 1000+ page views within a week


Research • Platform

To decide which platform to use, I created a proposal comparing WooCommerce and Shopify. The proposal outlined features, prices, monthly plans, plugins, templates, and pros and cons for a detailed understanding of website development costs.


  • WooCommerce is free with WordPress but requires manual updates and lacks specific tech support. It offers excellent customization options with various themes and plugins, providing good SEO.
  • Shopify is user-friendly with 24/7 support for technical issues. While it has limited customization, there are many apps and integrations available to enhance store functionality.

Research • WooCommerce

We opted for WordPress due to budget considerations and our need for customization. It's free, allows unlimited customization, offers many free plugins, and provides excellent SEO.


Research • Information Architectrue & User Flow

Constantly iterating and refining the flow and process while also experimenting with features requested by Art Director and marketing team. This phase allows us to simplify navigation and ensure the hierarchy and logically structured content to help users locate products and information.

Lesson to learned:

- To be honest about what kind of features can implement and what are unable to achieve, Communicate with the team, and adjust quickly before going through the making process.


Share design aesthetic • Moodborad

This phase covered branding, including consultation with the art director on social media, brand colors, tone, and website image.

A shared design aesthetic ensures consistent results, as seen in Silicon Valley Season 3, Episode 4.

Keywords: Minimal, Friendly, Cultural, Caring

Design Goal


Welcoming for new users

Considered usability across different channels and devices, all web browsers are available.

With visual clarity and familiarity consistency, Users can easily navigate the website.

Design • Low-Fi Wrieframe

Wireframes play a key role in complex projects, allowing design teams to present concepts before detailed visuals. I worked with the art director and marketing team to include requested features from users: larger image grids, quick add-to-cart, info on finding us, and support for future events.


Design • High-Fi Wireframes

Thus having built the mood board/branding early helped build the visual design around the brand logo and the brand colors, instead of the other way around, which would have produced inconsistencies and required multiple iterations to the website and online presence.


Test • Learn

To test my design during the design process, I ask myself a few key questions such as knowing the target audience's wishes, providing necessary information and functionality for users, and maintaining consistency in the brand's representation across devices. Continual iteration is crucial, and identifying potential issues before customers do is important for good UX design.


Marketing Collateral: Soical Media Post & Illustrations



Insights • Key Learnings

Resource constraints and On multi-tasking

While working on the website. Matching the aesthetics of the design with appropriate images was a challenge, but we managed to spread the task equally among the team and provide feedback.

UX design is never done

I realized that, similar to creating a portfolio, an e-commerce website is never truly "finished" because it requires constant updates and iterations to meet user needs and demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction

Communication between multidisciplinary teams

In my first job experience, I realized that clear communication is essential when working with different teams. Using simple language with visual teams, developers, and marketers is crucial. Collaborating helped us understand each other's challenges and work together better.

If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi .

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