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Hi, there!

I'm Dionne, a lifetime UX / UI designer, a part-time motion designer, illustrator, and game developer with a degree in interaction design at Emily Carr University Art & Design

I believe good design seeks the fine balance between function, aesthetics, and user-friendly experiences that make technology more approachable to people.

Me & Design +

The combination of technology and creativity within interaction design makes it so compelling to me, and I enjoy the way multidisciplinary disciplines are brought together via visual storytelling to create seamless experiences, as I feel rewarded and motivated when I see people engaged and dedicated to the design.

My creative abilities are always pushed to their limits whenever I design for it!



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When I’m not designing,

I eat lots of food | listen to music | watch movies | play video games | draw illustrations | make motion graphics.   -->.    Instagram | Behance 

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My Design Approach


Design Thinking

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

User Research

Prototyping / Wireframes / Mockup

Mobile & Web Design

Front End Development

Graphic Design

Game Design 



Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustration

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effect

Adobe XD


Unity / C#

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

My Values

Always be learning 📚

I belives humans are constant works in progress that need to receive feedback in order to grow. I am always looking for ways to improve myself, so I like to learn new software, read blogs, and Behance on new projects in my spare time.

Stay humble 💫

It doesn't matter whether you are the president, manager, homeless, or average kid on the street. Treat others with respect as you would yourself because ultimately, we are all humans sharing the same wants and needs and facing our battles every day. Stay true to yourself and stay true to others.

Embrace creativity  🎨

Everyone needs to recharge from creative burnout - else, we will go insane! When I am not in my creative zone, I like snowboarding, hiking, and sculpting artworks as a form of meditation.

The world is multicultural  🌎

As a Chinese Canadian, I find various cultures fascinating and enjoy learning about their behaviors and foundational values. I believe it's important to consider how our designs may be perceived globally, avoiding potential offense or confusion. - What could be offensive, unclear, or useless?

If you link my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you link my work, drop me a line to say hi .If you link my work, drop me a line to say hi .



Trying to become a better designer everyday !


Trying to become a better

designer everyday !


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