I’m an interaction + game designer specialized in UX / UI design, game development (mobile, VR, AR) bring delightful experiences to the world.

I’m currently studying interaction design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design from Canada, Vancouver, BC

I love to make video games because I have a passion for storytelling. I believe that storytelling is at the core of every game and I feel rewarded and motivated when I see players engaged and dedicated

What makes me passionate about interaction design is the combination of technology and creativity, and how multiple disciplines come together to create an interactive experience. Whether I am designing for 2D platforms or 3D environments, I always pushing my abilities to their outer edges and challenging my creativity.

When I’m not designing, I eat lots of food, watch movies, play video games, draw illustrations and make motion graphics! 

AND I LOVE BLUE !!! For me, blue creates a sense of relaxation, tranquility, calm, integrity, and seriousness. Blue is always so energizing and beautiful to me.




User Experience Design

User Interface Design

User Research

Prototyping / Wireframes / Mockup

Game Design

Front End Development 


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustration

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effect

Adobe XD


Unity / C#

HTML, CSS, JavaScript



If you like my work, drop me a line to say hi. I’m currently seeking for an intern position as a UX / UI designer at an agency, startup company, game developer.

+1 778 985-2926